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Anti-Ban System
Anti-Ban System

our app is equipped with an anti-ban system to keep your account secure.

Boost Efficiency
Boost Efficiency

Experience streamlined operations that help your business thrive and grow.

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Why Choose Bulk Buzz
WhatsApp Sender?

Solving Small Business Marketing Challenges

Affordable Marketing Solutions

Small businesses often struggle with the high costs of official WhatsApp APIs. Our tool provides a cost-effective alternative to reach your audience without breaking the bank.

Cut Through the Noise

In a crowded digital landscape, it's challenging for small businesses to stand out. Bulk Buzz Bulk Sender helps you reach your audience directly and make an impact.

Save Time and Resources

Running a small business is time-consuming. Our tool automates your WhatsApp marketing, saving you valuable time and resources for other essential tasks.

Boost Sales and Growth

Bulk Buzz WhatsApp Sender empowers small businesses to expand their reach, engage customers, and drive sales, leading to sustainable growth and success.

Key Features

Unlocking the Power of Bulk Buzz WA Sender

Effortlessly send unlimited WhatsApp messages to contacts and groups, saving time and boosting engagement. Our built-in anti-ban system ensures your WhatsApp account stays safe while you connect with your audience.

Unlimited WhatsApp Messaging

Reach out to an unlimited number of contacts and numbers, even those not saved in your address book. The possibilities are endless!

Group Messaging
Group Messaging

Send unlimited messages to all your joined groups effortlessly. Connect with your audience like never before.

Message Delay Management
Message Delay Management

Our robust delay management system ensures the safety of your WhatsApp account by preventing bans.

Support for Any Attachments

Reach out to an unlimited number of contacts and numbers, even those not saved in your address book. The possibilities are endless!

Free WhatsApp Marketing Course

Unlock the full potential of Bulk Buzz WA Sender with our complimentary course, providing you with the knowledge and skills to maximize your results!

Bulk Add Group Members

Are you a person who manage many groups? Now you can add bulk numbers to your groups in just single a single click.

Web Group Link Grabber

Easily grab group links from any web page and expand your network exponentially.

Group Member Extraction

Extract all member numbers from any group, helping you tailor your messages for maximum impact.

Modern Material Design
Modern Material Design

Experience the latest Material UI design for an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Bulk Import

Import your contact numbers seamlessly from Excel sheets, saving you time and effort.

Lifetime Updates

We're committed to enhancing Bulk Buzz with exciting new features. Stay with us for a lifetime of innovation.

Dynamic Parameterized Messaging

Personalize your messages with dynamic parameters, such as "hi {{Name}}," "Your invoice no {{InvoiceNo}} is generated," and include clickable links for enhanced engagement.

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Extra Addons

Enhance Your Experience with Powerful Addons

Backup Activation Key

Ensure your access is never lost, even if your computer is damaged or malfunctioning, with our secure backup key.

Multi Account Feature

Effortlessly manage and switch between multiple accounts within the app.

Google Maps Data Extractor

Extract valuable data from Google Maps to enhance your outreach.

Multi Lingual (Available in 15 Languages)

Experience the app in your preferred language for a personalized user experience.

Why Choose Us

The Journey of Plug Into Tech

Born in 2020 during the pandemic, we recognized the growing demand for affordable access to high-cost subscriptions as the world went digital. This drove us to create a platform that offered these subscriptions at incredibly low prices, becoming a lifeline for many.

However, 2022 brought internal disagreements among our developers, leading to a tough decision – discontinuing our project. We value integrity and trust above all.

Today, Plug Into Tech has transformed. While our subscription platform is no longer active, we’ve pivoted to support small-scale businesses in navigating the digital landscape. We provide premium software solutions to empower businesses in an ever-evolving digital world.

Proven Track Record

With years of experience in the tech industry, we have a track record of delivering quality and value to our users.


We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness, and our tools are designed to offer premium features at budget-friendly prices.

Dedication to Support

Our commitment to assisting users remains unwavering, ensuring that you have the resources and assistance you need to succeed.


As the digital landscape changes, so do we. Our tools are continuously updated to stay relevant and effective in an ever-evolving environment.


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